Periodically, I like to post articles on how to make it in this world, at least what’s helped me anyway. Success means something different to everyone you meet, so some of this will resonate with many of you, and some of it won’t. That’s ok. At least it gets you thinking, and hopefully it’s thinking outside the box. After all, that’s where all the fun shit is.

Some of these posts are short and sweet, others are a little longer. Either way, they’ll get the point across. I don’t like to sugar-coat things. I keep shit real. We’re all adults here. Sometimes being hit between the eyes with honesty is the best thing that can happen, no matter what it is.

Read through some or all of these topics of discussion, then go do epic shit. And last of all, enjoy the journey! - xoxo

Be a force of awesomeness!

Be a force of awesomeness!



January 8, 2019

When you put all your energy into what everyone else is ‘in to’, your productivity suffers. Who cares what the office interns are up to, or what the latest water cooler gossip is — unless it directly effects you or your team, focus on your own shit. - xoxo



January 15, 2019

You can’t control everything that you encounter in life, but you can control how you react to them.

Enough said – this one is the most overlooked. You have neither control over the weather, nor the asshole that cut you off on the highway. Fuming over it for hours doesn’t change the fact that it happened, so why waste that much energy on something you have zero control of? If it makes you feel better by all means flip off and curse at the driver, then let it go. Save your energy for more positive things in your life.- xoxo



JANUARY 22, 2019

This one might be one of my faves. I once told a friend of mine, “Quit being a doormat. You let everyone at work walk all over you. It’s time to put your foot down and say NO!”

Here’s the thing — when you always say ‘yes’ to work projects, social invites you don’t want to attend, or your second cousin’s baby shower, it ends up having a negative effect on your well-being, and possibly others. I’m no therapist, but there’s a ton of articles on just this topic alone. Anyway, you’re left feeling over-stressed and under-fulfilled.

“I’m a people pleaser! I love pleasing everyone!”

Bullshit, I say! When you constantly say ‘yes’ to everyone, what you’re really saying is their time is worth more than yours. You’re not saying ‘no’ to be mean; you’re saying it to be more productive.

Saying something like “I’m sorry but my workload is at its max right now. Maybe the new marketing intern can tackle that.”

Or, “pirate day at the children’s museum sounds interesting, but it’s not my thing.” Don’t be a puss. No one needs to know why you can’t attend. Don’t let your guilty conscience get to you. If you need to sugar-coat it, then do so. A simple, “Thank you, but, no thank you” will do.

When you start saying no, people will start valuing your time and opinion. And respect you more for it. Win-win! - xoxo



January 29, 2019

This applies to EVERYONE!!! Yes, even me! I’m in no way perfect. But I realized a long time ago in order to grow, you need to fuck up from time to time. And learn from it.

Everyone has their fear of something – spiders, heights, crowds, failure. But here’s the thing:

If you ain’t failing, you ain’t growing.

This isn’t rocket science, people. You’ve by now heard this from countless other blogs (check out for some real inspo). If you’re always playing it safe, you’re more than likely missing out on some epic opportunities. And, yes, you’re gonna fuck up. It’s inevitable. It happens to EVERYONE.

Repeat after me: It’s not failure, it’s experience. Life is all about experiences. And growth. Unfortunately, the two go hand in hand.

If you’ve been putting off learning a new skill, or starting that novel, for fear it fails, do it anyway! It’s life – There’s always going to be a chance you might fail at something.

But then again, you might just succeed. - xoxo



February 5, 2019

I once worked with an artist to get his website up. Mind you; I was his third (yes, third) web designer he had hired to get this project done. But every time we would discuss the next phase, he was going back and changing his mind on things that had been finalized. I finally said, “It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get it out there.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or a copywriter – the point here is not everything is going be perfect when you’re working on it. There will be re-dos and tweaks and countless changes. And that’s ok.

But if you keep putting the brakes on and changing your mind on every little thing, chances are your perfectionism is going to keep you from getting anything done. Newsflash – no one is perfect! Not you, not me, not anyone. So get over it. If you have to enlist the help of a friend or colleague to help nudge (or feverishly pull!) you away from the proverbial safety net, then do it. Trust yourself in knowing that you’re doing the right thing for now.

Oh, and that artist’s website? Last I heard it still wasn’t done. - xoxo